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Lois and Clark: Season 2


Season Two begins with Lois and Clark struggling to find their way back to the friendship they had formed. Lois admits to Arianna Carlin, later discovered to be Lex Luthor's ex-wife, she had feelings for Clark but was confused when he took his confession of love back. Clark admits to his parents that he lied to Lois about how he felt about Lois because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. As the duo work to fight against different criminal entities after Lex Luthor's death, they grow closer and closer throughout the season until Clark asks Lois out. Unfortunately, their date is put on hold when Lex Luthor resurfaces with the help of Dr. Gretchen Kelly. Thankfully Lois and Clark stop him, and he is finally made to pay for his crimes and arrested.

As Lois and Clark grow closer and closer, more rivals enter the picture, driving a wedge between the couple. Mayson Drake, ADA shows interest in Clark which makes Lois aware of her feelings for Clark. DEA Agent, Daniel Scardino shows an interest in Lois around the same time Lois and Clark begin dating, amplifying issues between the couple.

Criminals come into Metropolis looking for Superman and looking for revenge. Criminal elements such as Intergang come to Metropolis looking to take it over and get rid of Superman. In Season 2 a new version of Kryptonite surfaces (Red Kryptonite) which affects him emotionally around the same time he and Lois appear to be drifting further and further apart.

Lois grows more and more impatient with Clark's continued disappearances and demands an answer that Clark isn't ready to give. Will he risk his relationship with Lois to keep his secret identity safe or will he finally tell her? The season ends with Clark on one knee asking Lois to marry him in the rain.



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