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Lois and Clark: Season 4

Season Four begins with Lois struggling with Clark's absence as well as Clark struggling to fit into his role in New Krypton. Unfortunately, he doesn't even make it back to New Krypton before it's revealed the man he was sent to fight and protect the people of New Krypton from, Lord Nor, has come to Earth to conquer the planet. Clark quickly steps into his authoritative role to protect the world and people Clark loves, but his feelings for the people and Lois get used against him by Nor. Thanks to Ching he escapes a death sentence but must fight Nor to the death. It doesn't come to that in battle though because the military has taken things into their own hands, using Kryptonite against Nor and Superman. Nor and his men are killed, and Clark is saved from their bodies absorbing the Kryptonite gas. After the battle, he tells the New Kryptonians he belongs with Lois as that is his place.

Lois and Clark finally get married, but not without a bump or two down the road. Even their wedding night is put to a halt by a time traveler and a spell from many lifetimes ago. As they juggle married life and find the balance between work responsibilities and super-responsibilities, Lois and Clark find themselves in the crosshairs of criminals both old and new. Lois finds herself on trial for murder and Clark struggles with what is right and what is wrong when it comes to protecting his wife against a crooked DA and a corrupt justice system. Paparazzi threaten Clark's secret when Superman and Lois are caught in a compromising position. Tempus runs for president and wins. Lex Luthor Jr. appears and is ready to extract revenge on Lois and Clark for the death of his father.

All leading up to the series finale where it is revealed that despite extensive testing done by Dr. Klein Superman cannot father a child with an Earth woman. The news is met with tears as Lois struggles to come to grips with the idea of never being able to have children with the man she loves and in a desperate attempt to fight against it, she reveals Clark's identity to her father. This revelation puts Sam in danger when Fat Head Mensa, a criminal with telekinesis,  is released from prison and begins to extract his revenge on those that betrayed him, Sam's partner, Misha.

When Sam reveals Clark's secret identity to Misha after being drugged Lois and Clark must work together to stop Mensa before he can harm the city of Metropolis. After helping the Kents and Lanes escape Mensa's clutches, Misha uses the "Bummer - Be - Gone" on Mensa to stop him and take away everyone's bad memories, causing Sam to forget Clark is Superman. Lois and Clark contemplate what their future will hold when Clark's hears something downstairs. They find a baby with a Superman blanket and a note reading "Lois and Clark, this child belongs to you," The series ends with Clark saying to both parents, "Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad we have something to tell you..."


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