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Lois and Clark: Pending Fanfiction

This page holds a list of pending works that are either already in progress or the muse is toying with at the moment.

1966    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Just as Lois is about to leave for her date with Dan Scardino she overhears a conversation that opens a floodgate of memories from her time in Smallville Kansas 1966.

Addicted    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set during Season One, Lois and Clark discover a new drug out on the streets of Metropolis hitting teens and gangsters and schools and is sucking the Youth out of people and making them crazy. The new drug is laced with a mysterious meteorite that strangely has an odd effect on Clark Kent.

Batman v.s. Superman: Dawn of Justice    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Bruce Wayne makes a purchase of the Daily Planet and a very alive Lex Luthor appears in Gotham, making a deal with the Joker. Lois and Clark are forced to form an alliance as Metropolis is plagued with a group of insane criminals taking orders from something beyond this world.

Best Man Wins   Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set in a world where Barbarians from the Planet and House of Luthor never happened, we find ourselves in a strange new world where Lois Lane has been casually seeing Lex Luthor and slowly getting closer to her partner, Clark Kent. Set during the episode of the Pheonix, Lois Lane finds herself at odds when she is faced with a proposal from both Lex and Clark. Who will win Lois Lane’s heart?

Down and Out: The Story of Wanda Detroit    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Alternate Clark Kent comes across a woman, Wanda Detroit with the same face as Lois Lane. Conclusion to Doe For President

Eyes Are Revealing    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Angry that Clark has gone to the mountains with Mayson Drake she finds herself drowning her sorrows with Superman. One thing leads to another and what will Superman think of her in the morning (NFIC only)

Fall Into You    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Clark actively pursues Lois during the Pilot, convinced she is the one for him.

Fifty Shades of Red    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set in the place of "Pheremone My Lovely, " a DEA Agent comes to town to investigate the new "date rape" drug. Clark finds himself at odds with Dan Scardino while Lois finds herself feeling shaken and vulnerable around Clark after throwing herself at him. What happens when Dan Scardino tries to make a move?

Just Say Scardino    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Rewrite of "Just Say Noah" where Dan Scardino doesn’t make an appearance in Season 2, but rather in Season 3 as Lois and Clark are dealing with the aftermath of Clark breaking up with Lois for her own good.

Lightning Crashes    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Clark is mourning Mayson's death and Lois is realizing she's very much in love with Clark and fears Mayson may have meant more to Clark than he led on. When Clark's guilt becomes too much for him he turns to Lois and things get out of hand. Lois thinks he was using her to grieve. How can they overcome the confusion?

Memoirs of Jenna Blake    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set just before Injustice, Jenna Blake's story of romance and adventure with DEA Agent Dan Scardino.

Never Underestimate A Scoop   Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set after Neverending Battle, Lois investigates what happened to Superman those three days. Because no one scoops Lois Lane and lives to tell about it….especially not some hack from Nowheresville.

Night Cap    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Lois feels slightly insecure, with finding underwear invitations and lipstick stains on husband's Superman suit, and tries to find if Superman really responds to such ladies' calls. So in a desperate move she makes her own suggestive package which ends with a night of misunderstandings when Clark recognizes the package being from Lois. Will these two be able to set aside their insecurities and put an end to their marital drought? (NFIC Only)

Not My Fight    Release Date: Coming Soon!

What if Lois and Clark decided Clark should not go to New Krypton with Ching and Zara? What would have happened?

Project: Superman    Release Date: Coming Soon!

A conspiracy to destroy the one man that can stop Nightfall forces the government to begin a search across the globe for Superman. But what happens when he doesn’t want to be found?

Ready or Not    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Rewrite of And the Answer Is in which the kidnapping and blackmail never happened. Clark keeps trying to tell Lois he’s Superman all day and everything gets in the way. Lois gets assigned to the follow-up piece on Calvin and Barry Barker.

Slow Dancing    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Lois and Clark have a quiet Sunday that gets interrupted by a call from Tony Zarate. Set in I’ve Got You Under My Skin and Lois comes with Clark to meet Tony Zarate. How might this have changed things?

Stand Off    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set during "Honeymoon in Metropolis" when Lois loses the bet for the bed she goes to great lengths in order to convince him to give it up

Three Rules    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Set during the Pilot, Clark Kent holds his tongue when Lois backs out of dinner with him for her interview with Lex Luthor. What might have changed for the duo had he taken a more careful approach?

Testing Patience    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Ralph decides to make a name for himself and keeps causing accidents around Metropolis. The only problem? There’s no Superman around to rescue him. Set during Lois and Clark’s honeymoon.

Truth, Lies, and Smart Kids    Release Date: Coming Soon!

After returning Amy Valdez to go stay with her aunt, Lois finds herself seraching for companionship and reaches out to Clark. What happens when a conversation between Superman and Lex Luthor reaches Lois’ ears?

Ultra-Cheater?    Release Date: Coming Soon!

A very married Clark Kent gets caught in the arms of Ultrawoman. How will he ever explain himself?

The World Falls Away    Release Date: Coming Soon!

In the conclusion to Running With the Devil, Lex Luthor and Tempus find themselves on the run after getting ahold of Kryptonite. The duo navigates their way through the treacherous events that cost Lex his freedom and sets his sights on revenge when faced with the revelation of who is enemy truly is.


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