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This page holds a collection of the fanfictions I have written from 2009 to the present. here are some that have not been archived and uploaded yet but for the most part all of them can be found here in pdf format. You may read them online or download them to your hard drive, but distributing these without permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Follow the Lois and Clark Tribute Blog to stay up to date on the latest uploads.

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Fanfictions rated NFIC are for ages 18 or older. To access these fanfictions you will need to have access to the secured Nfanfiction directory. If you don't have acess you can request it here. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive a confirmation email. If you stlll haven't received an email you may contact the Webmaster.


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This page is for all the current Works in Progress.

Highslide JS

1966    Release Date: Coming Soon!

Just as Lois is about to leave for her date with Dan Scardino she overhears a conversation that opens a floodgate of memories from her time in Smallville Kansas 1966.

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