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Lois and Clark: Season 2


Season Two begins with Lois and Clark struggling to find their way back to the friendship they had formed. Lois admits to Arianna Carlin, later discovered to be Lex Luthor's ex-wife, she had feelings for Clark but was confused when he took his confession of love back. Clark admits to his parents that he lied to Lois about how he felt about Lois because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. As the duo work to fight against different criminal entities after Lex Luthor's death, they grow closer and closer throughout the season until Clark asks Lois out. Unfortunately, their date is put on hold when Lex Luthor resurfaces with the help of Dr. Gretchen Kelly. Thankfully Lois and Clark stop him, and he is finally made to pay for his crimes and arrested.

As Lois and Clark grow closer and closer, more rivals enter the picture, driving a wedge between the couple. Mayson Drake, ADA shows interest in Clark which makes Lois aware of her feelings for Clark. DEA Agent, Daniel Scardino shows an interest in Lois around the same time Lois and Clark begin dating, amplifying issues between the couple.

Criminals come into Metropolis looking for Superman and looking for revenge. Criminal elements such as Intergang come to Metropolis looking to take it over and get rid of Superman. In Season 2 a new version of Kryptonite surfaces (Red Kryptonite) which affects him emotionally around the same time he and Lois appear to be drifting further and further apart.

Lois grows more and more impatient with Clark's continued disappearances and demands an answer that Clark isn't ready to give. Will he risk his relationship with Lois to keep his secret identity safe or will he finally tell her? The season ends with Clark on one knee asking Lois to marry him in the rain.



Episode Guide

2-01 Madame Ex

Lex Luthors ex-wife comes to town determined to revenge the fall of her ex-husband. The target of her revenge is Lois Lane and Superman who in her mind is the two foremost responsible for the faith of Lex Luthor. With her she brings an impostor who through plastic surgery looks exactly like Lois.

2-02 Wall of Sound

Lois gets a bit jealous and insecure after Clark is nominated for a journalism award and she is not. A villain using sound waves as a weapon, is trying to extort the city of Metropolis for half of the money in its banks.

2-03 The Source

Lois fights a hard struggle to protect one of her sources. When it looks like the source has been murdered as a result of having provided Lois with information Perry feels he has no choice but to suspend her. After some encouragement from Superman it now becomes Lois mission to solve the murder and find out what really happened.

2-04 The Prankster

Lois starts to receive gag gifts from a "secret admirer." She and Clark begin to investigate these pranks and discover that behind them is a man who Lois helped send to prison 5 years earlier. He is now out of jail and looking for revenge.

2-05 Church of Metropolis

While visiting Lois' Uncle Mike, she and Clark witness gang intimidation and discover that "Intergang", a new criminal organization has moved into and begun to control south Metropolis. Superman becomes powerless to help because of their threats against everyone closest to him. Lois gets jealous when the investigator in charge, Mayson Drake, begins to show interest in Clark.

2-06 Operation Blackout

A general is killed at a demonstration of the army's latest weapon, by that weapon. As Lois and Clark investigate they discover a terrorist plot to high-jack a satellite and that the person behind the plot just might be Lois' best friend from college and her supposedly dead boyfriend.

2-07 That Old Gang of Mine

A scientist who believes he can alter people's personalities using their DNA brings Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, John Dillinger, and Al Capone back using a special cloning process. When Clyde shoots Clark during a confrontation, he must fake his death in order to hide his dual identity

2-08 A Bolt From the Blue

Superman is struck by lightning while stopping William Wallace Webster Waldecker from committing suicide and his powers are copied into Waldecker transforming him into Respendantman. Superman must now contend with figuring out how this happen and teaching the newest superhero how to use his powers responsibly. Meanwhile, Dr. Gretchen Kelly, Lex Luthor's doctor, witnesses the power exchange and becomes obsessed with getting powers for herself.

2-09 Season's Greedings

After Mr. Schott is fired from his toy making job, he decides to get revenge and make a lot of money by creating Atomic Space Rats, which spray a substance that causes everyone to be more greedy. It also makes adults, including Clark, act like children.

2-10 Metallo

Lucy Lane moves back into town with her boyfriend Johnny. After Johnny is shot by police during a robbery attempt, two scientists transform him into a cyborg that is powered by Kryptonite. After he discovers this he decides to use his new powerful body to be a more prolific criminal and try to defeat Superman.

2-11 Chi of Steel

After Perry's men's club is robbed and all his savings taken, Lois and Clark begin to investigate and find that the same martial arts expert who robbed the club is responsible for several other robberies. The thief uses special power totem bracelets which allow them to use Superman's strength against him.

2-12 The Eyes Have It

Dr. Faraday creates a device that can transmit information to someone's brain through a beam of light and uses it on Lois before he's killed. Two scientists, who are trying to get their hands on the device, make Superman blind with a beam of light shone into his eyes. Lois takes care of him at her apartment, while everybody thinks that Clark is in the mountains with Mayson Drake.

2-13 The Pheonix

Clark finally asks Lois out on a date, which she accepts after thinking about it for a while. But before they can go out on their first date, Dr. Gretchen Kelly brings Lex Luthor back to life and he begins to work toward getting back his fortune and Lois, by force if necessary.

2-14 Top Copy

Television news reporter and Intergang assassin, Diana Stride, decides to find out and expose Superman's secret identity. At the same time, her former partner, Mr. X, decides to turn states witness and she is attempts to silence him before he can name her. Clark must try to protect both himself and Mr. X from her deadly games.

2-15 Return of the Prankster

Kyle Griffin (a.k.a The Prankster) escapes from jail using an new weapon that freezes people using a yellow beam of light and resumes harassing Lois. This time he has an added goal, kidnapping the President while he is visiting Metropolis.

2-16 Lucky Leon

Jimmy is arrested for murder and Superman is wanted for stealing nuclear warheads. Lois and Clark go out on their first date. Mayson learns Superman's identity.

2-17 Resurrection

Lois and Clark investigate the death of Mayson Drake and find dead men are being brought back to life. Lois is attracted to Dan Scardino, a government agent investigating the same case.

2-18 Tempus Fugitive

Lois and Clark meet H.G. Wells, who has traveled on his time machine with a companion from the future. This companion named Tempus roams the city robbing people of gold, which is needed to fuel the time machine. Wells tells Lois and Clark that future's Utopia was founded by Superman descendants. Tempus wants to destroy Superman, because he finds the future boring. Tempus kidnaps Wells, as he doesn't know how to use the time machine himself. Wells is supposed to take him to 1966 Smallville, where infant Kal-El arrived on Earth. However, they travel to 1866 and not 1966...

2-19 Target: Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen becomes a deadly threat to everyone around him when a mind-controlling virus is activated in his system. Lois and Clark risk their own lives to save their young friend.

2-20 Individual Responsibility

A payroll truck is hijacked, Perry is kidnapped and Superman doesn't even care. The strange effects of a new red kryptonite forces the Man of Steel to visit a psychotherapist about his bizarre apathy.

2-21 Whine Whine Whine

Superman is forced to get a lawyer when someone he saves sues him for damages incurred during the rescue. Lois discovers a secret about Dan Scardino's livelihood, and she and Clark decide to have a romantic relationship.

2-22 And the Answer Is...

Clark is ready to tell Lois that he's Superman when he is interrupted by Jason Mayzik who has obtained a diary written by Tempus which reveals, among other things, that Clark is Superman. Mayzik kidnaps the Kents who are in Metropolis to celebrate their anniversary, and blackmails Clark into stealing $20 million in diamonds from Mayzik's brother's jewelry store. Mayzik is also working with Lex Luthor's former accomplice, Nigel St. John, who has the Kryptonite that he took from Lex, so that he can kill Superman. Clark robs the diamonds but Lois, who had followed him, ...

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