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Lois and Clark: Season 3


Season Three begins with the cliffhanger Season Two left us at, Clark's proposal. Lois, however, turns the tables on him by removing his glasses with a smile, "Who's asking, Clark or Superman?" revealing she knows his secret. After this groundbreaking revelation, the duo struggles to deal with both the revelation and the looming proposal over their heads. Lois isn't ready to give him an answer, leaving Clark uncertain of his future with Lois. As more and more danger seems targeted at Lois Clark tries to 'protect' her by breaking up with her and keep her safe from criminals. This, of course, doesn't go over well for either of them. Eventually, Clark comes to his senses and begs for forgiveness, but Lois isn't ready to forgive him for breaking her heart. It takes close quarters on an undercover assignment at a marriage retreat to get the duo talking and eventually back together.

Red Kryptonite appears again, this time causing Lois to gain Clark's powers, leaving him powerless. UltraWoman is born and allows Lois to experience what Clark goes through every day, struggling to keep up at the Planet and save everyone that needs help. After the duo get Clark's powers transferred back, Lois proposes to Clark.

The engaged couple deal with the typical headaches of planning a wedding all while dodging criminals with plans for revenge and destruction on Metropolis. Family problems ensue as the divorced Lanes come face to face around the holidays and are forced to put their differences aside to help their daughter when Superman comes down with a fever. Wedding plans are finalized, a date is set, and all seems right in the world until....Lex Luthor is released from prison, and Lois is kidnapped from her wedding and replaced with a clone.

After escaping Lex's clutches, Lois gets amnesia and thinks she's the heroine of her secret novel, Wanda Detroit. As Lex continues to pursue Lois in her state of duress Clark must find a way to get Lois to remember who she is. All comes to a head when the Lois clone reveals Clark's identity to Lex, and he kidnaps Clark's mother in order to trick Lois into killing Clark. When she refuses to kill Superman Lex tries to kill him instead but ends up losing his own life in the battle.

After Lex's death, Lois hits her head and now realizes she isn't Wanda Detroit, but still has no memory of who she is. Clark struggles with a controlling neuroscience doctor, Maxwell Deter to help Lois regain her memory. After an incident involving mind-control with the patients at the clinic, Lois remembers being a reporter and confesses being in love with her doctor. Clark struggles to help her remember him, but it is revealed that her 'feelings' are coming from hypnotism from Dr. Deter. Lois regains her memory when the brother of Bad Brain Johnson, a former criminal Lois and Clark helped put away, creates a weapon to make everyone do what his mother wants.

After Lois regains her memory, everything seems right in the world until two mysterious visitors come to Metropolis looking for Kal-El. The mysterious visitors are revealed to be a part of New Krypton. They want Clark to leave Earth and bring order to New Krypton. Clark eventually agrees and Season three leaves us in tears as we watch him say goodbye to the only home he's ever known and the woman he loves.


3-01 We Have A Lot to Talk About

Clark asks Lois to marry him. Lois asks "Who's asking Clark or (taking his glasses off) Superman. The secret is out. Lois tells Clark that she figured out his dual identity when he caressed her face the night before. How mad was she? Lois tells Clark she wasn't mad, she was hurt. But then, the more she thinks about it the more she realizes she was mad. Clark tries to explain his reasons for keeping his secret and Lois says she understands but then tells him that he made her think he was two people by lying to her. They hear someone calling for help and Lois tells ...

3-02 Ordinary People

The Daily Planet receives an invitation to visit an island resort for a review. Perry White decides to send Lois and Clark there. The two lovebirds make a bet to behave like normal people for the weekend. Clark will not use his super powers and Lois will stop working. Things work out fine and the two begin to have real fun until the true intentions of the owner of the resort are unveiled.

3-03 Contact

On her way home, Lois Lane is abducted and injected with a chip that can order her to do anything. Someone has decided to use her to distract Superman while he steals scientific gadgets. Clark Kent makes the hardest decision of his life. He confronts Lois and says that they must break-up because being with him makes her a target of Superman's enemies.

3-04 When Irish Eyes Are Killing

An old Irish friend of Lois shows up in Metropolis and it is clear that he is head-over-heel in love with her. At the same time, antiques are being stolen from museums and safety deposit box. Clark thinks that Lois's friend is up to no good while she thinks he's just jealous.

3-05 Just Say Noah

A couple who lives next door to Lois Lane disappears. After a bit of investigation, Lois and Clark find that more couples who have been to Larry Smiley's couple camp have also disappeared recently. Perry White decides to send the two reporters to the camp. The situation gets more intense when Perry and Alice also disappear. They have also been to see Larry.

3-06 Don't Tug On Superman's Cape

Lois and Clark agree to stop thinking of marriage for the time being as it seems that the idea is causing the two to have nightmarish fantasies about it. Meanwhile, Bad Brain Johnson has escaped jail and is targeting Lois. In reality, someone else is using him and his inventions to capture Superman. Lois is just a bait.

3-07 Ultrawoman

Two sisters try to make Superman apathetic with red kryptonite by shooting its red beam at him so that they could steal $20 million. Because he is hugging Lois, trying to protect her from the beam, his powers are transferred to her. The Kents help create a secret identity to the powerful Lois so she could help people without exposing her real self. This experience opens Lois' eyes to the struggles Clark has been going through all his life trying to save as many people he could and dealing with the ones he wasn't fast enough or strong enough to save.

3-08 Chip Off the Old Clark

Just as Lois and Clark are getting romantically closer together, a woman claims on national TV that she is the mother Superman's son, Jesse. The two reporters, against Clark's wish, pursue the story and finds out that Jesse has super powers just like Superman's. Meanwhile, a criminal known as Anonymous is rumored to be in Metropolis.

3-09 Super Mann

Two years ago, three Nazi officers woke up from a long sleep to find that they had lost the war to the US. Now, they are trying to set up a new Nazi country in the US as the first step to begin world domination.

3-10 Virtually Destroyed

Lois and Clark are invited by a computer geek billionaire to experience his new virtual reality program. He manages to trap the two inside the program in order to extract information from Lois about Lex Luthor.

3-11 Home is Where the Hurt Is

It's almost Christmas and Lois decides not to visit her mother, telling her that she has to cover for Clark who's going to spend Christmas with his parents. It turns out that the Kents are coming to visit their son in Metropolis. Things get very complicated and chaotic when Dr. Sam Lane and Mrs. Ellen Lane pop up at Lois's door. Meanwhile, Mindy Church, the new head of Intergang, is set on killing Superman with a deadly flu from Krypton. Clark becomes really sick from the virus and there are no cure from it on earth. Lois asks her father to help her beloved. The ...

3-12 Never On Sunday

Clark has nightmares about being enclosed in a tight space. At the same time, two other people who once worked with him on a story die with no apparent injuries as they are killed by their own fears. At the same time, a magician called Baron Sunday appears in Metropolis.

3-13 The Dad Who Came In From the Cold

Collins from the NIA hands Lois a burned notebook computer just before he dies from a car accident. Right after that, a woman named Sweet Tart shows up and demands to know what Collins has told Lois. Jimmy is asked to retrieve information from the fried hard drive. At the same time, Jack Olsen, Jimmy's dad, shows up in town after having been gone for over 4 years.

3-14 Tempus Anyone?

Lois Lane, who has no memory of her previous encounter with Tempus, is kidnapped by him to a parallel universe. There, she meets an older H.G. Wells who helps her remember their last encounter. Metropolis in this universe is a very different place filled with guns and violence. To her dismay, Lois discovers that there is no Superman. She decides to teach the Clark Kent of this universe how to become the hero he's meant to be while also trying to return to her Clark Kent.

3-15 I Now Pronounce You...

After all the obstacles, it finally seems like Lois and Clark can finally tie the knot. However, Lois, being the neurotic Lois Clark dearly loves, can't stand around doing nothing while waiting for her big day. She asks Perry for a simple assignment to take her mind off of the wedding. Together with Clark, the dynamic duo investigate the stealing of a type of exotic frogs from a pet store. These frogs have been known to be used for cloning. At the same time, the president is in town so all the hotels in Metropolis are fully booked. Lois's parents have to stay at her ...

3-16 Double Jeapordy

Clark waits for Lois in bed on their wedding night. Instead of finally making love, Lois tells him that she's tired and goes straight to sleep. The disappointed groom can do nothing but also go to sleep. It turns out that the Lois Clark married is a clone while the real Lois is with Lex Luthor, recently granted a pardon with parole from the cloned president from the previous episode. When Lois finally manages to escape Lex, she hits her head and loses her memory.

3-17 Seconds

Lois's clone falls in love with Clark and decides that she has to kill Lois so that she could be with her beloved forever. Meanwhile, Lois, who thinks that she's Wanda Detroit, a fictional character she created in her novel, thinks she's in love with Lex, who she believes to be Kent, the love of Detroit in the story. However, Lois has dreams about her real identity which greatly troubles Lex, who's afraid that she'll soon fully recover her memory.

3-18 Forget Me Not

Clark Kent puts Lois Lane in a clinic for people with memory loss. She now knows that she's Lois but remembers nothing of her work or her relationship with Clark. Her doctor, Dr. Maxwell Deter, forbids Clark from revealing to her that they were in love and engaged to be married, saying that this will shock her. However, he has a hidden motive, as he is beginning to fall in love with Lois himself...

3-19 Oepidus Wrecks

Lois is back to work at the Daily Planet. Although she has regained much of her memories, she doesn't remember anything about her love for Clark. Worse, Dr. Maxwell Deter, now completely in love with her, has hypnotized her into believing that she is in love with him. Lois and Clark team up again to investigate a phenomenon happening in Metropolis which makes everyone easily influenced by anything, be it a written sign, a verbal command, or lyrics to a song. For Lois, this shock wave stirs up her memories of her relationship to Clark and Superman.

3-20 It's A Small World After All

Lois and Clark go to Lois's high school reunion. There, she learns that her friends' spouses have disappeared. She decides to investigate this when something starts happening to Clark. He is beginning to shrink in size.

3-21 Through A Glass Darkly

Two people appear in Lois and Clark's lives. Ching and Sarah are testing Superman's strength and morals. The results are satisfactory and they conclude that he is worthy to be 'the one.'

3-22 Big Girls Don't Fly

Ching and Zara are revealed to be Kryptonians who are here to bring Kal-El back to New Krypton. A handful of Kryptonians have managed to escape before their planet blew up and have settled on the new planet. However, the ruling families are in conflict and Lady Zara and Lord Kal-El, already married at birth, must go back to New Krypton to rule over the planet. If not, Zara will be forced to marry the evil Lord Nor. Clark and Lois must decide together whether he would go back to save his people, an action which would mean that he might not see Lois again, ever.

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