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Lois and Clark: Season 1

Season One of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman introduces us to Clark Kent, a man that has seen the world and has many gifts, but has yet to find a way to use these gifts for fear of being ‘dissected like a frog.’ It isn’t until he lands a job at the Daily Planet working alongside famous investigative reporter, Lois Lane that he develops the disguise of Superman. His mother, Martha Kent makes the suit for him, and he makes his first appearance to the world at the launch of the Prometheus Space Station to stop a bomb planted by Lex Luthor. Clark struggles with the responsibilities of being a reporter and a superhero as he works with his partner and friend, Lois Lane to stop criminal entities in Metropolis while trying to meet deadlines. Clark knows Lex Luthor is behind a lot of the crimes in Metropolis but is unable to prove it.
What began as animosity and rivalry between the two reporters quickly develops into a mutual respect, friendship, and eventual partnership between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Clark learns more about his heritage and where he comes from along with discovering a weakness he didn't know he had, Kryptonite.
Clark also struggles with jealousy as Lois Lane begins dating Lex Luthor. Knowing what Luthor is capable of but having no proof to back it up keeps Lois and Clark at odds with one another throughout the season. After Lex Luthor proposes in the two-part season finale, Clark admits his feelings for Lois, leaving her in a world of confusion. After she turns Clark down put turns to Superman, his alter-ego turns her down, sending her into the arms of his arch enemy. It isn't until the day of her wedding when all her friends are gone that Lois begins to have second thoughts about her feelings for Clark.
Meanwhile, Clark works with his editor, Perry White, and friend, Jimmy Olsen to bring Lex Luthor to justice, but Lex sets a trap for Superman. He traps him in a Kryptonite cage to kill him after his wedding to Lois Lane, taunting the man of steel about his marriage to her.  At the altar Lois admits she can't marry Lex just as Perry leads a team of officers to stop the wedding and arrest Lex Luthor.



Episode Guide

1-01 Pilot

After Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet, he joins Lois in investigating space shuttle sabotage, which he must thwart as Superman.

1-02 Strange Visitor From Another Planet

A paranoid rogue Federal agent's investigation of Superman leaves Clark wondering about his true origins.

1-03 Neverending Battle

Even as Lois tries to learn about Superman, Lex Luthor decides to test the superhero himself for his threat level.

1-04 I'm Looking Through You

Superman is feeling profoundly uncomfortable becoming a celebrity, while there is a wave of crimes apparently committed by an invisible man.

1-05 Requium For A Superhero

Lois and Clark are assigned to cover a large boxing match in the city and find that several of the fighters seem stronger than the average mortal man. They begin to investigate only to have a dear family friend of Lois' killed for knowing too much and then discover that the man behind it all is Lois's estranged father, Dr. Sam Lane a legend in the world of sports medicine.

1-06 I've Got A Crush On You

Lois decides to go undercover at a club which is a front for crime family. Clark decides to go undercover as well. When the sister usurps her brother, she makes a move on Clark. And to stay on her good side he outs Lois.

1-07 Smart Kids

A group of kids chemically enhance their intelligence, escape their boarding school and cause disruptions throughout Metropolis.

1-08 The Green Green Glow of Home

While investigating a mysterious government operation in Smallville, Clark gets his first exposure to its true goal, kryptonite.

1-09 Man of Steel Bars

During an unnaturally extreme winter heat wave, Superman is accused of being the cause.

1-10 Pheromone My Lovely

A series of romantic complications unfolds as a chemist sprays the newsroom with a pheromone induced perfume.

1-11 Honeymoon in Metropolis

Lois Lane takes a vacation and happens to spy a congressman possibly making a dirty deal involving a top secret government project. Back at the Daily Planet, Perry White decides to send his two best reporters to keep spying. The catch, however, is that Lois and Clark has to pretend to be a newly married couple during their stay at the luxurious hotel. While on the story, they experience what it is like to live with someone else.

1-12 All Shook Up

An asteroid is headed for earth and it becomes Superman's mission to stop the impending disaster. He flies into space and intercepts the asteroid at high speed to destroy it. This attempt is only partially successful, and worse Superman seems to be missing and Clark is found with amnesia.

1-13 Witness

During an interview with an eccentric scientist, Lois unwittingly learns of a great conspiracy to destroy the environment and becomes a witness to her interviewee's murder. Once her story is published, she becomes the target that must be eliminated at all cost. Lois and Clark must race against time to unearth the conspiracy while evading the assassin who has been ordered to kill Lois.

1-14 Illusions of Grandeurs

Lois and Clark believe that a string of kidnappings is linked to a magical box decorated with moons and stars. They decide to investigate a magic club where they meet the self-proclaimed greatest magician in the world. Things begin to get serious when the kidnapper manages to hypnotize Superman.

1-15 Ides of Metropolis

Eugene Laderman, convicted of murdering Henry Harrison, escapes. Then he kidnaps Lois at gunpoint and convinces her he did not commit murder. But if Laderman didn't kill Harrison, who did? The answer lies in a sinister piece of software called The Ides of Metropolis, and in the curious change of personality Harrison's wife experienced after Laderman's conviction.

1-16 Foundling

Clark discovers that the strange orb (first seen in 'Strange Visitor (from Another Planet)' contains recordings made by his father, Jor-El. But he has barely begun to explore them when a young thief steals the artifact and sells it to the worse possible buyer - Lex Luthor.

1-17 The Rival

The Metropolis Star seems able to scoop The Daily Planet on every story. Lois and Clark cannot discover how, until Clark embarks on a plan to investigate the Star and it's publisher Preston Carpenter, a man in the mold of Charles Foster Kane...

1-18 Vatman

Superman saves a crippled jet near Paris... while Clark Kent is in the newsroom of the Daily Planet?!? How can Superman be one place, and Clark another, since they are the same man? And yet, this new Superman seems to have the costume, the powers... everything Superman has. Except, perhaps, the solid moral background of Jonathan and Martha Kent. What he does have is a quite different set of moral codes, taught him by an old adversary of Superman's who means to use the young look-alike to end Superman's career permanently.

1-19 Fly Hard

Criminals burst into the Daily Planet offices and take most of the employees there prisoner. Only Jimmy manages to escape, eventually finding his way into the ventilation ducts. The criminals want to plunder the secret vault of Prohibition era racketeer Dragonetti, and they'll do it thanks to a set of old blueprints and the information provided by their mysterious boss. Superman risks nuclear catastrophe if he attempts to intervene!

1-20 Barbarians at the Planet

Lex proposes to a surprised Lois. This in turn also prompts Clark to confesses his love for her. Lois on the other hand confronts Superman about her love for him. Someone detonates a bomb at the Daily Planet forcing the paper to its knees, Perry White to early retirement, Jimmy to unemployment, Jack to jail and Lois into the arms of Lex Luthor.

1-21 House of Luthor

Clark, Perry, Jimmy, and Jack start investigating how the bombing and sale of the Daily Planet. Meanwhile Lois and Lex prepare for their big day.

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