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Folc4evernaday (folc4evernaday@gmail.com)| Rated: PG-13

A chance meeting across a stranger named Jack makes Clark think more about his relationship with Lois just as Lex Luthor finds himself faced with never-ending bad luck that can ruin even the best laid plans.

A/N: In no way do I think these two shows should ever meet, but I thought it might be funny to throw a little bit of laughter into things. The character I chose is Jack Pearson from This is Us. For those that aren’t familiar with the “Crock Pot” incident on the show here’s a link to explain some back story. The episode from Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman I chose is “Barbarians at the Planet.” I hope you all enjoy it.

Huge thanks to NostalgiaKick for being Beta on this one. Thanks to the ladies in the Hangouts group for helping bounce ideas around with these scenes and encouraging me to continue this when my muse was deciding to go AWOL. You rock!

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